Core Values

Our Vision

To educate, enable and reform the farmer by showing a better and a sustainable method of shrimp farming. With high yielding harvest. We also encourage the development of natural source of food like phyto and zooplanktons, bioflocs making the farmer reduce the use of processed supplementary feed for protein. We encourage the best aquaculture practices (BAP) and emphasize on food safety.

Our mission is to control the formation of organic sludge and balance out the water by eliminating hydrogen sulphide and nitrogenous wastes like nitrates nitrites and ammonia by using probiotics which naturally creates a healthy and a clean environment.

Our Focus

All our products focus on biosecurity.

Biosecurity, the concept of protecting culture animals from contamination by diseases and of preventing the spread of diseases across boundaries, has become increasingly important with the intensification of aquaculture production systems.

Biosecurity measures in the shrimp industry can be seen as a two-pronged approach: excluding pathogens and eliminating pathogens when they are present.